Pan-Asian Specials

Sp1. Grilled Meat Balls $8.00
Grilled, glazed pork or beef balls on skewers. Served with lettuce and special house sauce.
Sp2. Orange Chicken $9.00
Deep-fried chicken in savory orange sauce with broccoli, carrots, and sesame seeds.
Sp3. Kor moo yang (Thai Style Grilled Pork) $10.00
Grilled season pork shoulder. Served with lettuce and Northeastern Thai spicy sauce.
Sp4. Crispy Pork With Chinese Broccoli $10.00
Stir-fried crispy pork belly with garlic and Chinese broccoli.
Sp5. Crying Tiger (Seur Rong Hai) $12.00
Thai-Style Grilled Beef Brisket with dry chili dipping sauce (Northeastern Thai spicy sauce). Served with lettuce and carrots.
Sp6. Crab Meat Thai Style Omelet $12.00
Egg fried to crispy edge with fresh crab meat, green onions, and cilantro. Served over rice with a side of Sriracha Hot Chili sauce.
Sp7. Hoy~Lai (Clams) $12.00
Stir-fried clams with roasted chili paste, bell peppers, onions, and sweet basil.
Sp8. Thai Style fried Fish $15.00
Deep-fried Swai fillet glazed with special fish sauce. Served with spicy mango salad dressing.